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As Future Foresters we passionately believe in the benefits of networking and fostering relationships. When it comes to professional forestry networks, we want to facilitate connections for all parties to thrive in, from the skidsite to the forest and onto the boardroom. We want every Future Forester to be able realise their full potential and be made aware of all opportunities within our industry both here and abroad.


One of our most aspirational and pivotal goals since conception was to create and facilitate knowledge sharing and connection between our Future Foresters and those more experienced. It is our view that all Future Foresters members would sincerely value connecting with those who share an industry passion but who have seen a rotation or two, dealt with the aftermath of cyclones or fires, and who are able and willing to offer a bit of experience and hardened advice. We feel there is a lack of independent guidance and support for new people in forestry especially with regards to their career opportunities, work related issues, and general guidance within our diverse and rewarding industry. And we wanted to do something about it!!


Therefore, Future Foresters is proud to launch its Future Foresters Mentorship Programme in partnership with the NZIF. We would like to invite you to attend the NZIF Future Foresters Mentor programme session. This session is used to introduce mentors mentees; guide them through a process of developing shared goals; discuss their approach to mentoring during the conference; and help them establish a supportive relationship for a longer-term mentoring program.

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